To Rummage : v. tr. : To search throughly by handling, turning over, over disarranging the contents of.
To discover by searching.
v. intr. : To make an energetic search.
In Italian: Ravanare

In French: Fouiller

The project Rummageroom started in 2012 with the aim of telling the stories of new realities that arise from the existing ones. It is a declaration of love for research, reuse, re-dream.

In every room there is a world: through different characters and unique pieces different visions are created, with a focus on the future rather than the past. Rummageroom is also an online shop, a virtual rummage place, promoting upcycling and personalized sustainable styling. Each room is mapped: moving the mouse over the contents of it you will open a universe full of stories and curiosities, purchasable!

The Isolation project evidences creativity in the relation between body and space. It comes to life in 2020, during the isolation days related to the Covid19 pandemic and taking up the issues covered by the rummageroom project. It promotes artistic actions and creates a virtual condominium where every portrait is unique.