Francesca Vigna

Francesca Vigna

To Rummage : v. tr. : To search throughly by handling, turning over, over disarranging the contents of.
To discover by searching.
v. intr. : To make an energetic search.

In Italian: Ravanare

In French: Fouiller

In German: Durchsuken

I started to rummage old clothes, accessories and other possible forgotten objects since 2002.

With Rummageroom I am continuosly telling stories, working in different places around the world. I see a new vision for my objects in the same moment that I find them.
In every room there is a world: through different characters and unique pieces I create different visions, with a focus on the future rather than the past.
The Rummageroom online shop is a virtual rummage place, changing over time with its contents and its sources.
Italian with Belgian origins, living in Paris and constantly travelling, I offer a trend research forecast service, but also fashion consumption scenarios, to purchasers with different needs and mindsets.
Since the birth of Rummageroom I collaborate with several fashion, design, lifestyle brands and shops.
I currently work as fashion consultant and professor for fashion design schools in Paris and Milan.
Since 2015 I collaborate with Milano Vintage Week.
From February 2017 I will develop the final project with the students of the Master course "Vintage System", in collaboration with IED Milano.