KLM jacket


Izé Teixeira is a French artist/DJ based in Paris with roots from the Cape Verde islands with four solo albums and numerous artist collaborations and in particular with Grammy award winner Cesaria Evora. His latest album, “Urb’Africa” is a Franco-Cape Verdean album filled with island music and colorful melodies inspired from his childhood. This album is a story about his journey between Cape Verde where he was born, and the Belleville area in Paris where he grew up in which he reiterates his dual culture that has always characterized his musical career.
When he is not on the stage with a microphone, he likes to work his magic behind the turntables and make people dance. Just like his music, he finds inspiration from the streets of Paris and his roots and brings it all together in funky beats no one can resist. 

Izé wears an old double-breasted KLM workwear jacket. Size S-M.





Price: € 100.00