#theuniqueorn is a touch of magic mixed up with a vivid vision of the world.
It's jasmine's scent that enchant you during Springtime, walking on the street. It’s eating ice-cream on your bed, watching a movie during a Sunday night. It's an intuition, a sudden decision. It's always "say what you think." It’s "make mistakes, even often."
She lives every square inch of her room, loving its warm light;  sitting in front of the washing machine waiting for it to finish… playing a Tetris game to find the perfect joint  inside the shoe rack.
#theuniqueorn is one of the Lovers trio, hearts bodies and souls  with a unique goal: the search for unexplored beauties to tell. Preferably with their legs under a table, contemplating a delicious dish.
Generally it's the way Lovers give birth to their ideas, because nothing goes better than passion and flavors.
Cene Sgrammaticate project, an unconventional guide to Milan's special places for dinner, was born thanks to these reasons.
During the shooting this blonde uniqueorn was crunching a chocolate wafer, not to betray the tradition that celebrates the union between creativity and food.


Overlap prints and different materials is now essential. This coat is perfect to create the look "my closet had an accident today".
This piece has a cute red lining inside and no pockets. The size is S-M.
Material: wool.

Price: € 110.00