Her name is Maria Host-Ivessich. The exotic surname comes from her father croatian roots that mixes in a somehow weird combination with the dutch-indonesian blood coming from her mom's side.
She went to art school, then did some modeling as a very awkward teenager,  then while modeling found something that she was really loving

She always kinda been close to fashion since her grandma and mom are buyers, so she took a 3 years fashion styling course @ IED Moda Milano. She didn't really care about "The clothes" as much as finding a way to communicate (something, not necessarily important, maybe even just a feeling) with an image. So she started making fashion video with her boyfriend, who has by the way stick with her for more than 8 years now( during highs and low of course).

They can take inspiration from the same thing and come from it with two totally different ideas and that's the best part of working together. Music is a big big component of their work...and colors too.

Her dream is to direct a musical, Gene Kelly's style. Just beautiful picture-perfect glittery eye candy and some good dance moves mixed with brilliant old school humor. She loves the unintentional creepy-ness behind them. Musicals are her favorite comfort-movies (people have comfort food- she has comfort movies). She would live in one, if she could.

I met Maria H and her boyfriend in their little bright apartment close to Navigli while they were working to a video. Everything seemed enchanted.

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Here Maria wears, in her dreamy way, a lightly padded leather perfecto.
Every kind of look can be balanced by an iconic piece like this one.
A princess, but with a powerful heart. The Size is M and fits from a 40 to a 44.
Brand: Nice London. For detailed pics write me!


Price: € 139.00