Sales conditions

The following conditions will apply to all purchases made on the website and it is specifically requested that the customer reads and approves all terms and conditions before the purchase is concluded under penalty of nullity. Rummageroom reserves the right to change these conditions at any time without notice.

Order acceptance

We will notify you of our acceptance of your order by email shortly after we receive it and at that point a binding agreement between us will be in place based on these terms and conditions.
In case the customer requires a different shipping address than the address of residence provided during registration and in any other case where it would become necessary, Rummageroom reserves the right to make the actual acceptance after the verification of residence and/or personal data of customer, in some cases requiring by fax or email the transmission of a copy of appropriate documentation (Identity Card, Credit Card, etc.).
In the case of orders referring to products not available in stock, Rummageroom reserves the right to ask the customer for the payment of a reasonable deposit to guarantee the withdrawal of the order. The amount of such deposit will be from time to time agreed on with the customer, it is not interest bearing and is non-refundable except in the case of a serious breach by the seller.
The goods delivered remain the property of Rummageroom until the full price including VAT (if applicable) and any additional expenses is paid in full.


Rummageroom agrees to send the ordered items available in stock in the shortest time possible after order confirmation. Items not immediately available in stock are sent as quickly as possible not exceeding 30 working days after order confirmation. The customer will be quickly informed of the shipping of the orders processed through email containing the tracking number of the shipment when available.

Shipping and insurance

Shipping fees are carriage forward, they will be calculated on the basis of weight and value of purchased articles and they will be regularly invoiced to customer.
For reasons related to the particular nature of the products it deals with, Rummageroom does not ship to countries where necessary security conditions are not guaranteed for the transit and delivery of valuable goods. Customers who reside in countries where it is not allowed to ship cannot proceed with the completion of an order on the site. Nonetheless such customers can contact our offices (via email, phone or skype) in order to agree a different delivery method. All shippings are made by courier insured and specialized in armored services.
As soon as the shipping has begun, Rummageroom provides the customer with the number of the courier vehicle in order to track the status of the shipment.
To collect the package a signature by an adult is required. The delivery address is specified by the customer during the registration process or the completion of the order.
Deliveries will not be shipped to PO boxes, mail boxes or similar types of destinations.


Rummageroom accepts payments through the following methods: Paypal

Returns and rights of withdrawal

The customer has the right to withdraw from the contract without penalty within 10 (ten) days from the receiving of any product sold through our website, nonetheless we don't accept returns in case of orders for products not available in stock.
The right of withdrawal is submitted to the following conditions: the products can not show marks of wear, scratches, gouges or even small scuffs.

Procedures for exercising the right of withdrawal

To proceed with the return of goods purchased and subject to withdrawal, the customer must notify within 10 days of receiving the intention to cancel the purchase and the reason of the request. Such notice may be sent by email to
Rummageroom will then authorize the return shipping without authorizing a complete acceptance of the return, which may or may not be granted after examination and a compliance check of the items returned. The goods subject to any return needs to be carefully placed in the security envelop received together with the items or into a padded envelope of adequate size and consistency, sealed at the opening points. The shipping and courier must be agreed with and approved by Rummageroom srl via email. Rummageroomwill open the returned packages under video-camera and will accept with reserve packages of returned goods that are damaged or with signs of tampering.
Rummageroom will re-credit the amounts of money paid by the customer within 30 working days from the receiving of the returned item via wire transfer (customer will indicate his bank account when notifying the intention to cancel the purchase).
Words like jewel, ring, gold, diamonds and/or similar words must never be used on the envelope or on any accompanying documentation that can be traced back to the contents.
The insurance cost and the shipping expenses for the returned item are the complete responsibility of the customer. From the time the return item is sent to the time the item is received by Rummageroom the customer is solely responsible for any loss or theft of the item itself.
After the rebated is issued, it will be paid in Euros. In the case that the original purchase was made in another currency, the actual exchange rate used will be from the day the charge-back is issued in reference to the price in Euros of the asset returned.

Name of the company and headquarters

Francesca Vigna
Via Oldoni 22
13100, Vercelli Italy

Prices, vat and invoicing

The prices of the jewelry sales are in Euros. Prices shown include value added tax (VAT) and all articles purchased are shipped ex-works.
For each shipment Rummageroom will include a regular invoice and a delivery slip valid as proof of purchase and ownership also for the statutory warranty and for the exercise of the right of withdrawal.
In the case of orders for products not in stock, requiring payment of the balance not simultaneous to the order, Rummageroom reserves the right to ask the customer for the payment of a reasonable deposit to guarantee the withdrawal of the order. The amount of such deposit will be from time to time agreed on with the customer and it is not interest bearing.
The prices published on the website for each product are current and as accurate as possible and include both the cost of manufacturing that the raw material cost (the price of gold is updated in real time and is related to 18k gold). However, in the case that after the order, Rummageroom would detect errors in the published prices, the seller reserves the right to cancel any order or to inform the customer of the correct and updated price without causing any obligation to either party.